Richard Noble

Richard Noble (BSc (Hons) Psychology, MSc Forensic Psychology).

His role is to assist the Chartered Psychologists in conducting psychological assessments and delivering therapeutic treatment programmes. He is trained in the Life Minus Violence – Enhanced programme including the HSB component, a therapy programme for reducing the risk of aggression and harmful sexualised behaviours; the HCR-20 v3, which is a tool for assessing general violence risk; the J-SOAP II, a tool which assesses risk for juvenile sex offenders; the SAVRY, a tool for assessing violent risk in youths; the WAIS, a cognitive assessment tool for adults and the WISC, a cognitive assessment tool for adolescents.

He has experience in working with young people in residential settings, both girls and boys from the ages of 8 to 18, some of whom have presented with a range of issues including emotional and behavioural problems and harmful sexualised behaviours. He has also experience of working with adults with harmful sexual behaviour. He has experience of working in groups settings as well as one-to-one.